As 2023 is quickly ending, I am constantly reminded of all the New Year’s Resolutions individuals are making for the upcoming new year. Researchers suggest that only 9% of Americans that make resolutions complete them. Research goes on to show that 23% of people quit their resolutions by the end of the first week, and 43% quit by the end of January. So why do people seem to fail at New Year’s resolutions?

Goals should start at a time for change or a need for change. Exactly what is a goal? A goal is setting the first step toward the future that you want, a vision of what you would like your future to look like. Many individuals set resolutions for tradition’s sake, not because of a need for change. If you set a resolution for tradition’s sake, then your motivation will be lacking compared to a goal set because of a need. We all want to achieve results fast; however, behavior change is needed to have sustainable results. What if I told you that the fastest way to achieve your goals is not to focus on the result you desire, but focusing on the behavior change you need to make to achieve the result. Small steps over time make the biggest change. Small hinges swing big doors!

Expect obstacles! There is never a perfect time to start, there will always be challenges and obstacles, that’s life! No matter what your goals are, there is always a chance for roadblocks. To stay motivated, identify roadblocks and create plans to avoid barriers. This will reduce the possibility of setbacks and sabotage or failure. Most people have made goals in the past and have not achieved them. Part of it is because they have not systemically or structurally changed anything in their life to make way for the new thing. You must clear out the old clutter before you can make room for the new things. I ask my clients this question while we are goal setting, “Is there any clutter in your schedule or environment that needs clearing before you can move forward?” Some things they discover may be out of their control, however there is a great deal that IS in their control, and I coach them to create conditions to set them up for success. Obstacles and failures are not bad, they are essential. Trying to avoid failures at all costs is detrimental to your growth and success in life; most people subconsciously know this; we still fear failure. When a client fails or has a setback I ask them, “what did you learn?” I want my clients to let go of their ego and become responsible for their actions and mistakes. Owning up to your mistakes is a sign of strength, and only when you take full responsibility have you got the power to make change.

Set goals into challenging, measured but smaller chunks. Goals that are measured will not only show your progress but will inspire you when you see the data. When I am working with a client on desired goal setting, I recommend 5 criteria. A well-formed outcome or goal is stated in the positive (says what we want, not what we do not want), initiated and maintained by self (we do not need to rely on someone else changing), achievable within the time frame given, has a sensory-based description, and has an appropriate chunk size-biggest chunk must be worthwhile yet small enough to feel attainable. This leads me to celebration, small wins must be celebrated, that is more motivating and leads to increased follow through.

Accountability. Accountability means that you are responsible to someone to accomplish the goal; this can be motivating. Studies show that people who not only write their goals but set up a way to be accountable for them will be twice as likely to achieve them. So why should you hire a health coach? I specialize in empowering individuals to create the changes you need to make to claim full responsibility for the direction of your health and life. I equip and empower my clients to

become the BEST version of themselves creating lasting behavior change to reach new

levels of health and wellness. Contact me for a free discovery session where we can create a plan for you to become the version of what you have always wanted to become!