Northern Kentucky’s

Health Coach

What is a Health Coach?

A health coach is someone who will motivate you and hold you accountable on your efforts to live a healthier more fulfilling life.  As a Certified Health Coach, I am educated in health, nutrition, and wellness, and also trained in strategies for cultivating optimal well being and transforming client’s lives through behavior, habit and identity change.

I will be your health and wellness coach, supportive mentor as well as your accountability partner.  I help my clients become the BEST version of themselves through individualized food and lifestyle changes that meet their body’s unique needs and health goals.  I will help you transform your health, life, and well-being and bring about lasting change, so you never get stuck again.

In your Complimentary Discovery Session, I will work with you to create a health and wellness vision and formulate a customized 12-week plan to help move you toward your desired outcome.  You will experience one on one powerful coaching sessions, and I will provide you with the right system, the right support, and the right accountability.  These are the conditions that are set in place for inevitable success.

Health Coaching Objectives:

    • Create lasting behavior change to reach new levels of health and wellness
    • Improve digestion, reduce stress and cravings, and increase energy
    • Balance blood sugar and reduce inflammation
    • Discover diet and lifestyle strategies
    • Uncover the most powerful drivers in your relationships with food and your body
    • Discover which foods give you the most energy


    • Emotional eating
    • High blood pressure
    • Diabetes
    • Transitioning into a gluten free diet, dairy-free diet or vegan/vegetarian diet
    • Body image issues
    • Anti-aging
    • Low energy / Fatigue